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COVID Policy

Covid-19 Statement


Covid19 is a major public health crisis and has resulted in the serious illness and death of people,  all ages, nationalities and origins. 


We rely on everyone to be vigilant, respecting and following the official public health advice from the CDC. 

Remember, infected individuals can be highly contagious while experiencing mild to no symptoms. 


Please refrain from physically engaging partners, staff or participants when feeling sick or having been in contact with a positive case. 


Disruptive INC, a notforprofit is committed to the safety of all its partners, staff and participants.


Hosting of Career Development | Employment | Education Programming and Events

  • All events and programs are hosted safely either virtually via streaming platforms or socially distanced, in person

Workforce Development Program Interviews

  • Interviews are conducted via 3rd-Party virtual entities

    • links to documents, and any required additional information,  will be provided via e-mail

Community Standards & Guidelines

  • When in person engagement resumes, hosts, facilitators and participants have the option to wear facemasks, which cover the nose and mouth, while gathering in designated facilities.

  • At the end of each engagement, we disinfect the high-contact surfaces, work areas and clean any spills first. Disinfection time is built into the engagement.  


If you have questions or concerns about SMNPCE INC collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information, please contact the Covid-19 Team

Or write to us at:
Covid-19 Team
PO Box 5504
Woodridge, IL 60517

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