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Networking & Fundraising

Our mission is reducing poverty among single parents between the ages of 18-40 by providing support via career development and related resources.

We accomplish our goal via fundraisers for the following:


Education | Development | Employment.

As a 501c3 we are not a for profit, revenue generating business.


To provide support the single parent community, we need your help.

To find out how to join the team and volunteer:

  • Learn how to become an event volunteer via United Way

  • Learn more about how to volunteer via the Auxiliary Board



Mommy need a Minute

Mommy need a Minute is a series of small networking events hosted locally in the Chicagoland area where parents looking to connect with like minds gather in the name of social responsibility and a good time. Each event is hosted on/near a parenting related holiday and consists of networking with impact, personal and career development related gift bags, mimosas and great food! It takes a village to support our accountability and self awareness development!!!


The #MDIJIM Event

Effective 2020, we repurposed the annual Mother’s Day isn’t just in May event hosted every 2nd Saturday in October. This event offered mother’s the opportunity to feel celebrated outside of Mother’s Day as they enjoyed wellness activities, music, comedy, food and spirits while shopping with vendors. The uniqueness of this event wasn’t centered on it solely being dedicated to mothers, to be a featured vendor, the business had to be a female owned entity, ideally a “Mom-Preneur” shop providing services that cater to women.

The event's back LIVE but with a twist....

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